ActionSheetIOS #

Methods #

static showActionSheetWithOptions(options, callback) #

Display an iOS action sheet. The options object must contain one or more of:

  • options (array of strings) - a list of button titles (required)
  • cancelButtonIndex (int) - index of cancel button in options
  • destructiveButtonIndex (int) - index of destructive button in options
  • title (string) - a title to show above the action sheet
  • message (string) - a message to show below the title

static showShareActionSheetWithOptions(options, failureCallback, successCallback) #

Display the iOS share sheet. The options object should contain one or both of message and url and can additionally have a subject or excludedActivityTypes:

  • url (string) - a URL to share
  • message (string) - a message to share
  • subject (string) - a subject for the message
  • excludedActivityTypes (array) - the activities to exclude from the ActionSheet

NOTE: if url points to a local file, or is a base64-encoded uri, the file it points to will be loaded and shared directly. In this way, you can share images, videos, PDF files, etc.

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