LayoutAnimation #

Automatically animates views to their new positions when the next layout happens.

A common way to use this API is to call it before calling setState.

Note that in order to get this to work on Android you need to set the following flags via UIManager:

UIManager.setLayoutAnimationEnabledExperimental && UIManager.setLayoutAnimationEnabledExperimental(true);

Methods #

static configureNext(config, onAnimationDidEnd?) #

Schedules an animation to happen on the next layout.

@param config Specifies animation properties:

  • duration in milliseconds
  • create, config for animating in new views (see Anim type)
  • update, config for animating views that have been updated (see Anim type)

@param onAnimationDidEnd Called when the animation finished. Only supported on iOS. @param onError Called on error. Only supported on iOS.

static create(duration, type, creationProp) #

Helper for creating a config for configureNext.

static checkConfig(config, location, name) #

Properties #

Types: CallExpression #

Properties: CallExpression #

Presets: ObjectExpression #

easeInEaseOut: CallExpression #

linear: CallExpression #

spring: CallExpression #

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