TabBarIOS.Item #

Props #

badge?: PropTypes.oneOfType([ PropTypes.string, PropTypes.number, ]) #

Little red bubble that sits at the top right of the icon.

badgeColor?: color #

Background color for the badge. Available since iOS 10.

icon?: Image.propTypes.source #

A custom icon for the tab. It is ignored when a system icon is defined.

onPress?: PropTypes.func #

Callback when this tab is being selected, you should change the state of your component to set selected={true}.

renderAsOriginal?: PropTypes.bool #

If set to true it renders the image as original, it defaults to being displayed as a template

selected?: PropTypes.bool #

It specifies whether the children are visible or not. If you see a blank content, you probably forgot to add a selected one.

selectedIcon?: Image.propTypes.source #

A custom icon when the tab is selected. It is ignored when a system icon is defined. If left empty, the icon will be tinted in blue.

style?: #

React style object.

systemIcon?: PropTypes.oneOf([ 'bookmarks', 'contacts', 'downloads', 'favorites', 'featured', 'history', 'more', 'most-recent', 'most-viewed', 'recents', 'search', 'top-rated', ]) #

Items comes with a few predefined system icons. Note that if you are using them, the title and selectedIcon will be overridden with the system ones.

title?: PropTypes.string #

Text that appears under the icon. It is ignored when a system icon is defined.

iosisTVSelectable?: PropTypes.bool #

(Apple TV only)* When set to true, this view will be focusable and navigable using the Apple TV remote.

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