ToastAndroid #

This exposes the native ToastAndroid module as a JS module. This has a function 'show' which takes the following parameters:

  1. String message: A string with the text to toast
  2. int duration: The duration of the toast. May be ToastAndroid.SHORT or ToastAndroid.LONG

There is also a function showWithGravity to specify the layout gravity. May be ToastAndroid.TOP, ToastAndroid.BOTTOM, ToastAndroid.CENTER.

Basic usage:'A pikachu appeared nearby !', ToastAndroid.SHORT); ToastAndroid.showWithGravity('All Your Base Are Belong To Us', ToastAndroid.SHORT, ToastAndroid.CENTER);

Methods #

static show(message, duration) #

static showWithGravity(message, duration, gravity) #

Properties #

SHORT: MemberExpression #

// Toast duration constants

LONG: MemberExpression #

TOP: MemberExpression #

// Toast gravity constants

BOTTOM: MemberExpression #

CENTER: MemberExpression #

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