ViewPagerAndroid #

Container that allows to flip left and right between child views. Each child view of the ViewPagerAndroid will be treated as a separate page and will be stretched to fill the ViewPagerAndroid.

It is important all children are <View>s and not composite components. You can set style properties like padding or backgroundColor for each child.


render: function() { return ( <ViewPagerAndroid style={styles.viewPager} initialPage={0}> <View style={styles.pageStyle}> <Text>First page</Text> </View> <View style={styles.pageStyle}> <Text>Second page</Text> </View> </ViewPagerAndroid> ); } ... var styles = { ... pageStyle: { alignItems: 'center', padding: 20, } }

Props #

initialPage?: number #

Index of initial page that should be selected. Use setPage method to update the page, and onPageSelected to monitor page changes

keyboardDismissMode?: literal | literal #

Determines whether the keyboard gets dismissed in response to a drag. - 'none' (the default), drags do not dismiss the keyboard. - 'on-drag', the keyboard is dismissed when a drag begins.

onPageScroll?: Function #

Executed when transitioning between pages (ether because of animation for the requested page change or when user is swiping/dragging between pages) The event.nativeEvent object for this callback will carry following data: - position - index of first page from the left that is currently visible - offset - value from range [0,1) describing stage between page transitions. Value x means that (1 - x) fraction of the page at "position" index is visible, and x fraction of the next page is visible.

onPageScrollStateChanged?: Function #

Function called when the page scrolling state has changed. The page scrolling state can be in 3 states: - idle, meaning there is no interaction with the page scroller happening at the time - dragging, meaning there is currently an interaction with the page scroller - settling, meaning that there was an interaction with the page scroller, and the page scroller is now finishing it's closing or opening animation

onPageSelected?: Function #

This callback will be called once ViewPager finish navigating to selected page (when user swipes between pages). The event.nativeEvent object passed to this callback will have following fields: - position - index of page that has been selected

pageMargin?: number #

Blank space to show between pages. This is only visible while scrolling, pages are still edge-to-edge.

scrollEnabled?: boolean #

When false, the content does not scroll. The default value is true.

Type Definitions #

ViewPagerScrollState #



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